Jake Chisholm - No More Sorrow

Jake Chisholm – No More Sorrow

No More Sorrow (February 26) is the second studio album from veteran Toronto guitarist and front man Jake Chisholm. As with his notable 2013 release, Diamond In A Coalmine, No More Sorrow features Chisholm’s signature style of deep blues and raw hard-hitting guitar. This is true grit power trio blues; no put ons and no punches pulled, just a powerful and sincerely creative musical performance.

Jake Chisholm has been an in demand guitar player and singer on the Canadian blues scene since forming the popular jump blues band Jake & the Blue Midnights, who rapidly gained popularity on the Canadian blues scene performing at countless club gigs and many notable festivals around the country. Chisholm is also a busy sideman, backing up the likes of Paul Reddick, Raoul and the Big Time, Billy Branch, Billy Boy Arnold, Julian Fauth and Jerome Godboo, to name a few. He is also the guitar player in “Life Death and The Blues” a theatre and live music production written by Raoul Bhaneja starring Bhaneja and Divine Brown.

Inspired by classic blues, soul and rock n’ roll, Chisholm’s tasteful yet intricate guitar work, gritty vocals and accomplished songwriting are perfectly matched with rhythm support from Chris Banks on bass and Sly Juhas on the drums. Featuring ten masterfully crafted original songs, No More Sorrow begins with the title track, which delivers its soulful sentiment supported by a powerful riff, “Weigh You Down” an inspired writing collaboration between Paul Reddick and Jake Chisholm. “I Want You The Way You Are” is a live recording from 2014, but the strength of its performance earned it a spot on the record. “Is There Another Man” shifts gears with its funky pleading tale of a love gone off the rails.“Merry-Go-Round” and “Just Because You Want To” have a Hendrix quality to them; both original stories balanced by tradition and innovation. “Swamp Stomp” is a raucous foot tapper. “I’m Still Alone” and “I’m On Fire” burn with the spirit of blues and old rock n’ roll. And the album ends off with “You Never Will” calls on the soul of 60’s blues of bands like the Yardbirds and the Animals.

With his creative, modern and powerful interpretations of the blues, No More Sorrow evokes vivid and shameless tales of love, lust, and lessons learned and is a testament to Jake Chisholm’s skills as an exceptional songwriter, guitar player, singer and charismatic front man.

Jake Chisholm No More Sorrow Tracklist

No More Sorrow
I’m On Fire
Weigh You Down
Is There Another Man
Just Because You Want To
Swamp Stomp
I’m Still Alone
I Want You The Way You Are
You Never Will